The midnight urge to sort life.

After leaving my beloved ‘Baby’ aka company because of unpaid overworking life — 1 yr and a toxic friendship of 2 years. I felt FREE. It’s important to actually realize how overburden our life is with the disregard of others and how to LOSE it.

The key is knowing when you step in shit and understanding that no one will sacrifice their shirt to clean it.
  1. Watch something funny — let go of shit, stretch your leg across a bed or table and watch something that makes you laugh hard.
  2. VALIDATE YOUR OWN FEELINGS before anyone else- they say you should do what you expect, same goes with feelings. If you want people to be respectful you need to be respectful to yourself first.
  3. Have friends who like the real you- I recently used social meeting apps for this. It actually helped. Come up with what works socially and also what makes you feel yourself.




When I’m a grown up designer.

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Saumya Govel

Saumya Govel

When I’m a grown up designer.

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