When I’m a grown-up designer

CAUTION- only for humans with design curiosity and individuals prone to occasional anxiety towards the world and how the universe works.

So, I don’t know any good designers who weren’t at least once faced with serious anxiety about where their work or life is going. Some say that’s the beauty of life, the uncertainty. But I honestly am calmer when I know where I’m headed. If only fortune tellers were accurate, right?

But there’s still hope where there are dreams and for dreams to come true there needs to be a goal (every goal or dream oriented book I’ve ever read). But I say, we take the heat off of excelling and just, create. Like when we were kids and that fish drawing just represented what my idea of a fish was. No comparison. No approval of clients. Just creating a pure design.

I’ll let you define what pure design is.

There are no steps. Just learning. If only guides worked to get us the results that we wanted.

Just on our own in the journey of becoming a designer. Which is learning and making the design that has a purpose.

This leads me to my next question, What purpose does your design have?

I’ll be taking up questions every day and answering the basic curiosity by digging deeper into what my conscience really thinks about it.
Also, these questions are really general but give an understanding of people which ultimately defines the basis of your design.

This is an exchange of knowledge, so there’s no right or wrong. It’s just a point of view. Ask yourself these questions and send me your views. At the end of the day, it’ll be a learning experience for me and a discovery for you.

So enjoy and become that kid who asks way too many questions and often misspells. Cause there are no accidents.

image credits- cameron whitman



When I’m a grown up designer.

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