When was the last time you wrote something?

How honesty really works? It works by saying stuff. Out loud. Designers need to write and believe in order to observe. We tend to think too rationally and do research accordingly. But at times the best ideas come by walking away from your hard work and going after the unknown. (I know you’ve heard this one before)

We as millennials think that feelings are overrated or often misunderstood by others. But since when do you need an approval to feel an emotion? I know we’re sustaining an era which strives on an agenda, `Independence’, but we deliberately forget that when it comes with no responsibility of others except self-devotion. Designers need to realize that people are forgetting to feel stuff deeply or survive in these shells by abstaining themselves from feelings. REACT people. Puh-lease. Maybe people will remember you or maybe not. At least you’ll get a story out of it. Feelings are required. Remember paintings and being overwhelmed by one? If you haven’t felt that yet, go to a gallery and just have a conversation with a painting. But finish this article first. It won’t change your life. I promise, but it’ll be something.

Remember having a creative block, I understood the answer to this yesterday. It doesn’t exist cause you have nothing to paint or fear. It exists cause you’re not being honest to yourself about how you feel. I know at times you need to lie to yourself to get by, I’ve done that too. Actually being doing it for a while now. The fear kicks in and my mind does that thing which is worse than taking drugs, WORRY. Worry that people will know me as a person. But is it really that bad? You’re good people, people. How do I know that? Cause you read it this far and you expect something out of this. (dumb-bums) Write the emotion and make a mind map out of it, it’s fun when you’ll run out of words cause then you get to sleep.

But feelings, Make something that surrounds itself with a purpose of making the audience *FEEL*. Create a chemical reaction in the brain. Seriously, it’s that easy. Now don’t go questioning everything. Oh wait, do that. Cause that’s what we’re doing here, Questioning everything.



When I’m a grown up designer.

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